How To Get A Stray Cat To Like You

How to get a stray cat to like you

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Getting a stray cat to trust you can be tricky. Cats are naturally cautious and independent, so it’s normal for them to keep their distance from strangers.

 However, without human help, many of these cats will never get the chance at a happy life in a loving home. If you want to help one of these creatures, try approaching them with care and patience instead of force or panic. It might take time but with a little patience, you can win their trust and help them get the second chances they deserve. So, how to get a stray cat to like you?

Be quiet and don’t move too fast

Cats are very sensitive to sound and smell, so the first thing you want to do is control your movements and be as quiet as possible. Even if you’re used to a friendly cat at home, be careful not to scare the stray cat away by moving too fast or making too much noise.

 If you’re feeding a stray cat, try feeding them in a quiet area. Slowing your movements down can help the cat feel more comfortable around you. And don’t worry about looking silly. The cat doesn’t care how you’re moving, they just want to feel safe. Slowly move towards the cat, then use a soft, gentle voice to reassure them. 

You may also want to invest in some cat-friendly bells to let the cat know when you’re nearby.

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Bring food to gain trust and help them feel safe

When you’re first approaching a stray cat, it’s best to bring them food. You want to start by establishing a routine and letting the cat know that you’re consistent and reliable.

Feeding the cat regularly will make them feel more comfortable with your presence, and it’s easier to gain a cat’s trust with food. 

You can also bring water to make sure they stay hydrated. Use regular bowls you can get from any pet store.

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You can also leave a plate of food for the cat to find when they’d most likely eat to let them know you’re there.

Let the cat come to you — don’t chase after them

Just like kids, cats will come to you when they’re ready. You can’t chase after a stray cat and expect them to open up to you right away, they will only run even further awayInstead, leave the food out and be patient.

Most stray cats will come back to eat. If you’ve been feeding the cat for a while and they’re still hesitant to approach you, you may want to try with some soft food and make it easy for them to take it from your hand.

Establish a feeding routine

Cats are creatures of routine, so it’s best to establish a feeding routine. If you’re able to make a consistent stop to feed the cat, they’ll know when to expect you and they’ll start to feel more comfortable with your presence.

If you’re feeding a stray cat and you can’t get them to come to you, you may want to put out a feeding station for them. Make sure to clean it regularly and make sure the food is kept fresh and clean.

Source: Pixabay

Once you’ve built trust, you can try handling the cat

Once you’ve built enough trust with the cat, you can try gently handling them. Start out by picking them up from the back and supporting their weight with your hand under their belly. Then, slowly let them move forward and settle into your arms.

Once you’ve been able to successfully hold the cat, you can try putting a harness on them if you want to bring them home with you.

 Remember: the fur of stray cats can be really dirty, you may want to give them a bath before letting them inside.

Be patient

Cats can be very skittish by nature. They’re prone to anxiety and will often choose to distance themselves from people or other animals if they feel uncomfortable. Getting a fearful cat to open up and trust you can be incredibly difficult — especially if they’ve lived outside for a while.

Patience is key to gaining a stray cat’s trust. If you rush or try to force a connection, you could make the situation even worse. Take your time, be patient, and give the cat space and time to adjust.


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